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A. Füchtenbusch, P. Rosin, V. Kreisel

Laser Field Therapy

Laser Field Therapy (LFT) is a new technique of laser photo therapy (LPT). In it, the primary resonance effects of LPT over the mitochondrial respiratory chain are combined with secondary effects through coherent information fields
Jan Tunér, Tilman Fritsch

Laser Photo Therapy in Dentistry

The use of Laser Photo Therapy in dentistry is about much more than treating an aphtha here and a herpes blister there. This new book by Jan Tunér is an invitation to all dentists to discover the multifaceted potential of Laser Phototherapy.
Ed. A. Füchtenbusch, authors V. Kreisel, M. Weber

Laser Acupuncture - A practical handbook

Laser acupuncture integrates thousands of years of experience of traditional Chinese medicine and modern high-tech phototherapy in one of the most exciting medical techniques of today.

A. Fuechtenbusch, M. Fuechtenbusch

Laser Therapy in Wound- and Pain-Management - A literature study

This literature study provides an overview of the most important studies on the capacity of low-level laser therapy to promote wound healing and alleviate pain.
Anja Süß-Burghart, Martin Füchtenbusch, Anja Füchtenbusch

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in Chronic Wounds - Study at a German Wound Competence Center

This observational study on the application of LLLT in chronic wounds was conducted in 2009 to 2010 at the Wound Competence Center of the Schwabing Clinic, Academic Teaching Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany.

Anja Füchtenbusch, Wolfgang Bringmann

Laser Therapy and Laser Puncture - Treatment tables

Low-level laser therapy activates and speeds up healing processes and is successfully used today in nearly all medical fields of specialty as an independent therapy or in combination with acupuncture and reflex point treatment.
Hermann R. Lehner

Map of auriculotherapy

The original auricular acupuncture according to P. Nogier and R. Bourdiol
John Howard and Anja Füchtenbusch

Auriculotherapy - The Atlas Based on the Originals by P. Nogier

The original auriculotherapy according to P. Nogier is mostly known only in fragments and with falsifications, which pretend to be a "completion" or a "specification" of the original work. For the first time we offer auriculotherapists the complete localizations of P. Nogier in a new presentation. P. Nogier completed his ear cartography after almost 40 years of research, he waited a long time and brought his discovery to perfection.