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Colll PRO-Membership

Membership fee per year: 120,00 €

Colll PRO-Membership

Only for professional therapists

Become a member of our college! Join us in advancing photobiological medicine as the medicine of the third millennium!
We offer our colleagues these advantages among others:

24-hour access to our protocol database

  • Our treatment library includes hundreds of protocols from the fields of human medicine (dermatology, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, etc.), sports medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine.
  • Our therapy instructions are manufacturer-independent and can be implemented with almost all photobiomodulation lasers.
  • The therapy instructions consist of up to four modules:
    • a manual for the implementation of classical photobiomodulation with CW lasers or pulse lasers
    • suggestions for the use of pulse frequencies in order to optimise therapy results
    • a manual for laser acupuncture for therapists who either use acupuncture in addition to photobiomodulation or exclusively use acupuncture.
    • You have access to all departments regardless of your specialty.
    • The protocol database is continuously updated and supplemented.

24-hour access to the colleague magazine

We regularly publish important news from first-hand research: 

  • lectures and interviews with leading scientists, extracts from congresses, etc.
  • reviews of new publications from the field of research
  • case documentations


Colleagues receive a COLLL fellow signum (image for e.g. homepage) and a membership certificate (PDF)

Requirements for membership:

Membership of COLLL gives you access to our department. For this you have to prove a therapeutic qualification. Private users of laser devices or other devices for photobiomodulatory therapy cannot become members.