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Human Medicine –
Theme Courses

Theme courses focus on individual, usually interdisciplinary topics and last from 2-6 hours. You will receive a course certificate.

The treasure of Nogier frequencies

This online course is suitable for human and veterinary therapists alike. It consists of two parts of approximately equal length, between which you should allow yourself a few weeks to practice.

Tutorial: Laser Therapy / Photobiomodulation in Dentistry

The tutorial by Jan Tunér gives an overview of the application possibilities and the working principles of photobiomodulatory techniques in dentistry. Low-Level-Laserlight is a high-level tool for the regeneration of mucous membrane and bone defects and often decisive for the success of dental and maxillofacial surgery.

The RAC / The VAS

Can you learn the RAC/ the VAS via an online course?
We say: Yes, definitely!

COLLL sponsorship vouchers for theme courses

Want to buy a themed course for friends, colleagues or employees? This is now possible through our sponsorship vouchers, which can be easily transferred to other people and redeemed in any other Elopage customer account.