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Prof. Dr. med. dent. Tilman Fritsch

Born in 1969, Tilman Fritsch studied dentistry in Germany (Giessen) and Finland (Kuopio) and received his doctorate from the LMU in Munich. He took over his first dental practice 1996 in Bayerisch Gmain. In his efforts to develop a low-toxin dentistry, he founded the dental laboratory for alternative dentures "" in 2004. In the years, further practices were established in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Georgia and Switzerland.

For a better understanding of the complex interrelationships in interdisciplinary dentistry, in 2008 he integrated neurobiology into dentistry and developed the "NAM principle" (neurobiology/anatomy/metabolism), which focuses on the connection between the oral cavity and the body and builds on this. NAM dentistry is thereby the conceptual implementation of the NAM principle in the field of dentistry. But also for other specialties that treat diseases of civilization, it is a key function.

In 2011, Fritsch presented the first metal-free, dental hybrid implant that complies with neurobiological principles. In 2014, on the way from restorative dentistry to regenerative dentistry, he integrated NCSCs (Neuro Crest derive Stem Cells) into NAM dentistry. Since 2020, NAM- Dentistry has been authorized for continuing education by the DG Paro.

Tilman Fritsch has been teaching internationally at various universities and institutions (e.g. iGap) since 2011. He is a professor at Stavropol State Medical University (1 Prof. RUS) in the field of cell biology, at WMU (2 Warsow Magament University) for regenerative medicine, as well as "Head of" the university NAM Institute at WMU. Fritsch is the author of several books and professional publications.

A member of various organizations (I-Gap, IADR, DGSZM, among others), Tilman Frisch is President of the Austrian Society for Sports Dentistry and Medicine (ÖGSZM), which became part of the European Society for Sports Dentistry EA4SD in 2020.

Since 2020, he has been devoting more time to Well-Anging Medicine (formerly Anti-Aging Medicine) in Asia, he reformulated "Oral Acupuncture" and integrated dentistry with auriculotherapy. In 2022, he was able to verify the PVS (primo vasculare system) in physiological tissues in humans. Thus, many phenomena in the human body are easier to understand and the closed loop between biochemical, electrochemical processes and consciousness or spirituality can be used therapeutically.