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MSc. PBM, PB Anja Füchtenbusch

  • Specialist for photobiology, laser photomedicine, laser acupuncture and laser field medicine
  • CEO Füchtenbusch Publishing and Education on Laser Phototherapy
  • Board member and head of COLLL (College for scientific Laser Phototherapy)
  • Member of WALT (world association for lasertherapy)
  • Head of the COLLL research goup
  • Member of the WALT Outreach Committee 
  • Instructor for laser photomedicine, laser acupuncture and laser field therapy (human and veterinary), training supervisor of COLLL (college for scientific Laser Phototherapy)
  • Diplom Biologist and postgraduated ecologist
  • Diploma of acupuncture Research group for acupuncture, Berlin (Dr. Radha Thambirajah)


  • Laser Therapy and Laser Puncture (Human), with Wolfgang Bringmann 2002, 7th edition 2015, Language: german, english, spanish
  • Laser Therapy and Acupuncture in horses with Peter Rosin, 2005, 5th edition 2016, Language: german, english
  • Laser Therapy und Acupuncture in dogs and cats with Peter Rosin, 2008, 4th edition 2016, Language:german, english
  • Laser Therapie in Dermatology 1999 (out of print)
  • Low-Level-Laser Therapy ? New Ways in Pain Mangement, Study of the wound competence center Schwabing hospital, teaching hospital of the Munic university LMU München, Gemany on 60 patients with chronic wounds with Anja Süß-Burghart und Martin Füchtenbusch 2010
  • Metastudy (Literature study) Clinical evidence for and literature on the effect statments of low-level-lasertherapy in wound healing and pain management with Martin Füchtenbusch 2012
  • Review paper Laser acupuncture, Journal of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP, England), 2014
  • Laser Field Therapy ? Frequency therapy with coherent light, 2014 (english), 2014
  • Laser-Feld-Therapie - Die photobiologische Therapie beim Pferd (english: Laser Field Therapy ? the photobiological therapy on horses), 2015
  • Behandeln mit Laserfrequenzen (Veterinär), (engl.: Treating with laser frequencies ? veterinary) with Marco Spychala, Marion Wickert 2016
  • Pocketguide laser frequencies (special print of the COLLL research group), 2016
  • Laser Field Therapy ? the pioneering technique of Laser Phototherapy with the new generation of resonance frequencies with Volkmar Kreisl and Peter Rosin 2018
  • numerous professional articles and white papers on photo laser medicine


  • Low-Level-Lasertherapie ? Licht kann heilen (out of print), (engl.: Low Level Lasertherapy ? Light can heal), Wolfgang Bringmann, 2008
  • Low-Level-Lasertherapie ? Grundlagen und Praxis moderner Photomedizin, (engl.: Low Level Lasertherapy ? Basis and practice of modern photo medicine), Wolfgang Bringmann, 2015
  • Laser Acupuncture ? A practical handbook, Volkmar Kreisel, Michael Weber, 2012


COLLL/ Anja Füchtenbusch
Maximilianstraße 2a
D-82319 Starnberg