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The RAC / The VAS

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Course Type: Online course (permanent)

Level: Beginner

Duration: 1:45

Certificate: Course certificate

Price incl. VAT: 48,00 €

Can you learn the RAC/ the VAS via an online course?

We say: Yes, definitely!

The RAC (Refléxe auriculo-cardiaque) or VAS (vasal autonomic signal) or Nogier pulse is an autonomic signal of the vascular system. It appears after a stimulation and can be detected on different palpation sites. The RAC technique is a subjective diagnostic technique.

RAC diagnosis is easy to learn, while some practice is needed for confidence in this form of diagnosis. This confidence can be gained by practicing together in a group setting under supervision and receiving feedback on subjective perceptions. Alternatively, there are also methods and settings through which one can confirm one's own observations alone or with one or more colleagues without a classroom course and thus gain a foothold in RAC diagnosis. After all, it is solely a matter of recognizing and trusting one's own perceptions.

Course content

  •  What is RAC and where does it come from?
  •  How to detect the RAC in humans and animals?
  •  Methods to check the validity of subjective pulse detection

Course duration

2 h

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Claudia Loyall, Anja Füchtenbusch