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Tutorial: Laser Therapy / Photobiomodulation in Dentistry

Price incl. VAT: 120,00 €

Includes: 11 lessions

Course Type: Online course (permanent)


Duration: approx. 3,5 h

Price incl. VAT: 120,00 €

The tutorial by Jan Tunér gives an overview of the application possibilities and the working principles of photobiomodulatory techniques in dentistry. Low-Level-Laserlight is a high-level tool for the regeneration of mucous membrane and bone defects and often decisive for the success of dental and maxillofacial surgery. The tutorial also provides an introduction to modern research, e.g. on the obtaining of secondary dentin in vivo, the therapy of mucositis, the promotion of implant healing, the treatment of periodontosis and ulcerative gingiva, and much more. The practicing dentist receives a compact guideline on the possible applications of red and infrared lasers and their concrete application techniques.

Jan Tunér is a pioneer of photobiomodulation in dentistry, secretary general of WALT, board member of the World Federation of Laser Dentistry (WFLD), senior editor of the journal Photomedicine and Laser surgery and reviewer and editor of numerous scientific journals among others.

The tutorial consists of 11 lessons and is accompanied by a script.

  • Lession 1 Introduction to dental laser photo therapy (LPT)
  • Lession 2 Some indications
  • Lession 3 Some mechanisms and scientific background
  • Lession 4 Which laser is best?
  • Lession 5 Contra indications and precautions
  • Lession 6 Energy and dosage
  • Lession 7 LPT or pharma?
  • Lession 8 Somatosensory tinnitus
  • Lession 9 The dental curing light
  • Lession 10 Laser acupuncture
  • Lession 11 Non dental applications
Total length of lessons: approx. 3.5 h